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[ARTICLE] What to do with an Aging Parent?
Filed Under: Wellness | Published: Feb 24, 2016 | Author: FT

When one or both of our parents age and need more care, who will do it?

There are options in this decision.  First, have any financial preparations been made for additional or long-term care by your parents?  If they are like most, retirement funds and social security are limited.  nowadays, there are care facilities that reach to each end of the scale.  Some, are very nice and  very expensive.  Their health and safety is so important.  There are some facilities that are more affordable but just don't seem the right place for your parent. There is guilt when moving them out of their home to some place that is unknown.

Second, more and more children are moving their parents into their home for daily care.  There are limits to this scenario too.  Your life will not be the same.  You seem to spend every moment around their needs.  Your life as you once knew it, is no longer that, your life.

Third, hire someone to come into their home or your home to help out.  They can run errands with them, play games or do light cleaning.  The question is how do you find someone who is reliable, honest and a good fit as a companion.  It may take several trials and many different agencies.  They may even need this service if they are in an Assisted Living Facility.  This price would be added on top of that monthly rental fee.  It boils down to COST.  That is what every family ultimately thinks about.  The decision and leg work is usually left up to the siblings.

Finally, when you are looking forward to retirement, you may find that your responsibilities grow with the care of your parent or parents.  Unless, there have been provisions made or even discussed before the time comes.  It will take time, family discussions and money to provide the right setting for your parent or parents as they age.

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