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[ARTICLE] How Service and Therapy Dogs Help PTSD Victims
Filed Under: Wellness | Published: Dec 27, 2016 | Author:
It is a fact that nearly 8% of our poplulation will have some form of PTSD during their lifetime, with about 8 million reported cases annually.

Men, women and even children can fall prey to this mental health affliction, usually after experiencing a traumatic event or witnessing a loved one endure a hardship.  PTSD can become a burden by affecting people with panice attacks, sudden mood swings, difficulty in social settings, and an overall inability to return to life as it was before the distressing event occured.
However, there is good news: In recent years, man's favorite four-legged accomplice-the dog, of course-has been shown to provide life-altering advantages to those who struggle with PTSD symptoms.  Servcie and thertapy dogs have been expanding their skills ove the last few decades, and although research supporting sercie dogs who specialize in assisting those with PTSD is relatively new, many people are find ing their experience working with their dog to be nothing short of incredible.

Service dogs must have a primary focus on their owner.
Dogs can be trained to provice a sence of security to war veterans with specific anxieties.
Dogs are trained to watch over you around the clock.

Dogs can help ensure that their partners are taking medication.
A dog is trained to alert her owner to sounds that may go unoticed in the event of a panic attack
Therapy dogs can help prevent future issues like substance abuse.
They give PTSD sufferers the confidence to live their lives more independently

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