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Filed Under: Naturopathy | Published: | Author: Dr. Julie TwoMoon

Weight loss may be the biggest reason people attempt a change in diet/lifestyle. So many people wake up and look in the mirror, and discover they don't like what they see and want it to change. However, so many diet plans fall short because they do not teach new patterns, they do not work on regulating the body and establishing hormonal balance and they are about starvation with exercise which is not sustainable over the long term. Modern lifestyle is not well adapted to adding more time consuming activities to it. Most people are struggling to meet the ever expanding lists of obligations they have, adding two hours of gym time is often not going to be a long term fix. That is why, using a program like the Hcg diet to modify the lifestyle, lower the weight, improve self esteem and develop motivation is often the best way to go.

The Hcg diet was developed by Dr. Simeons. The protocol has been used by physicians since the 1950's to provide rapid, sustainable weight loss. Basically, participants adopt an extremely low calorie diet (500 calories) or very specific foods, along with Hcg (human chorionic gonadotropin) in some form or another. The theory being that the Hcg is helping the body establish hypothalamic control over weight, fat utilization and mobilization and therefore establishing a new set point and hormonal control point for body weight.

Not all people are believers in the efficacy of the diet. Many feel that there is insufficient evidence to support the use of Hcg and that it is a placebo effect rather than a long term fix. Yet, more and more, people have been flocking to the numerous websites and clinics offering this diet because what they most want is weight loss and this program provides just that. Now, since we do not currently have great ways of monitoring hypothalamic function, it is hard to prove what the effect is and how it is being accomplished, but for most, if they follow the right diet, the weight stays off. I believe that the effect is real, significant and needs to be given due attention.

Americans are getting fatter than ever. This is the result of the ever increasing amounts of toxic food we consume, and now we are seeing the epidemic affect kids. We simply cannot sit around and wait for a change, and weight loss surgery is not the answer. Using Hcg and the recommended food plan, weight comes off, at about a pound a day. Compare this to the one half to two pound a day average for most people adopting the low fat, high intensity training weight loss program promoted by most trainers. In order to have success with Hcg, one cannot cheat and the guidance and end of the Hcg phase is extremely important. It is for these reasons I believe it should be done under guidance of a physician. Many people who have significant weight challenges also have health problems, and taking on a 500 calorie diet without supervision is not recommended because of issues that can arise and the need for expert monitoring in case of any problems.

There are people who suggest that the diet is simply placebo effect and that it is the 500 calorie a day diet that is producing the weight loss.   Unfortunately it is impossible to verify one way or the other if the effect is due entirely to the Hcg or to the diet. However, many people through time have taken on strict diets only to gain most or all of the weight back and for the majority who do the Hcg diet, this is not the case. If a clean, well balanced diet is followed after finishing the active Hcg portion of the diet, most do not gain any of their old weight back, which speaks volumes about a significant difference between this and other low calorie routines. And regardless, if it were a placebo effect, taking into consideration that it is extremely successful, most never put the weight back on and that the recommendations for the long term maintenance include avoidance of bad oils, sugar, most grains and eating wholesome, organic, home cooked food high in good quality fats and essential nutrients, who can say it shouldn’t be done.

Millions of Americans are extremely obese. As this trend continues to increase and more and more are falling victim to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and inflammatory conditions all of which are the direct result of the growing obesity epidemic, how can any successful option be ignored? It is imperative the people regain control over their health, weight and food choices if our health crisis is ever to be successfully dealt with. Check with a physician who specializes in Hcg before starting any program and do not do a program like this without monitoring as it can be dangerous, have other consequences or even just for the fact that you deserve to succeed and partnering with someone who can help you succeed is an excellent way to achieve success!

Dr. Julie TwoMoon is a naturopathic medical doctor, Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist. She practices at Breathing Waters Health Center in Plymouth.

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