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Glori R. Zeltzer, MA, MFT
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Glori R. Zeltzer, MA, MFT

Glori R Zeltzer, MA, MFT
128 South California Street
Suite E
Ventura, CA 93001
United States
Phone: 805 648-3535
Do you wonder if you and your partner are growing apart? 

Do you keep having the same argument, without anything changing? 

Do you feel like giving up? 

Sometimes the feelings that bring couples together get lost in the struggles of everyday life.

Learn how to resolve conflicts and share feelings without arguing. Use conflict to create deeper intimacy instead of distance. 

Relationship counseling helps couples learn to grow together instead of drifting apart. I work with couples and individuals to help them grow together and stay together. I would like to help you and your partner have a loving relationship.

License(s): Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC16587     Years Open: 1981
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