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Counseling in Modesto, CA
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Counseling in Modesto, CA

Miranda Palmer, LMFT
1311 E Street
Modesto, CA 95354
United States
Phone: (209) 602-1513

Do you know you need some kind of help, but not sure where to start? 

Exploring counseling as an option can be exciting, anxiety provoking, confusing, and relieving. You may have even struggled getting to this website today not sure what search terms to put into your search engine, or what friend you could trust to give you a name. Finding someone you can trust to guide you through this process can feel overwhelming! You might even be thinking: 

  • This counselor is going to think I am crazy. 
  • What if this counselor talks about our sessions? 
  • How can I trust someone I have never met? 
  • What if the counselor is nuts? 
  • I probably can't even afford counseling! 
  • What if I call this counselor and she doesn't even do the kind of work I am looking for?! 

All of these worries keep you feeling alone, trapped, and without the support you need! I will not think you are crazy for coming to counseling. It is actually quite healthy to ask for support when you need it. Services are completely confidential, and there is never any obligation that you come and see me based on a phone conversation. 

I would love to help guide you through this process by providing a free 15 minute consultation over the telephone. I can talk with you about the possible benefits of counseling for your particular situation as well as the alternatives. I will also be happy to provide you with specialized names of providers in the area if I am not the best fit. I am more concerned that you get connected and get the help that you need! Call (209) 343-2771 for your free phone consultation and find out your options for healing today!

I work with people on general issues such as depression, anxiety, worries, and parenting all the time. Looking for something specialized like counseling for traumatic events (sexual assault, domestic violence, car accidents), couple's counseling, or faith based counseling? Check out to find out more about my specialized services.

License(s): MFC #42393     Years Open: 2007
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