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Grain Integrative Health
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Grain Integrative Health

Sara Kates-Chinoy, ND
4246 SE Belmont St #5
Portland, OR 97215
United States
Phone: 503-445-8114

Dr. Kates-Chinoy has received additional training in a prestigious post-doctorate residency program specializing in weight loss, womens health, acute care, pediatrics and cardiovascular health. She has completed an additional residency as a clinical education professor at the National College of Natural Medicine.  She is a writing contributor to the Foundations Textbook Project, the first naturopathic medical textbook widely available.

Dr. Kates-Chinoy believes in the power of individualized medical care.  As a co-founder of Grain Integrative Health, Dr. Kates-Chinoy is dedicated to the sustainable evolution of the current healthcare system.  She enjoys working in the collaborative environment of Grain Integrative Health.

Dr. Kates-Chinoy grew up in Maine, in a family with a passion for political action for social justice.  She continues to support social change for a healthier future, and her interests include music, ultimate frisbee, organic gardening and competitive sports.  She is a graduate of Swarthmore College, where she studied comparative religion and cognitive science.

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