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Family Dental Practice
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Family Dental Practice

Jonathan Mason, D.M.D., Stephen H. Maon, D.M.D., Jeffrey R. Morris, D.M.D., Steven L. Meltzer, D.M.D.
3 Northwestern Drive
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States
Phone: (860) 650-1543
FAX: (860) 286-9430
At  Family Dental Practice, we understand that your life is busy with work and taking care of your families, while still trying to take care of yourself.  The E4D machine enables us to offer you a custom design, high quality dental restoration in a single appointment.  The modern technology eliminates unpleasant impressions, multiple injections of novacaine, wearing temporary crowns for weeks and multiple visits.

The high speed laser takes multiple 3-D images of your tooth and while you wait our team designs and mills your custom crown  right here in our office.
License(s): Multiple Licenses     Years Open: 2005
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