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Canyon Rim Physical Therapy
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Canyon Rim Physical Therapy

Ms. Dede Bledsoe Lewis
2295 South Foothill Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
United States
Phone: (801) 486-7542
FAX: (801) 484-3110
Canyon Rim Physical Therapy offers patients a very wide variety of services. Our difference is quality care. Our therapists specialize in many specific areas and injuries, including Womens Health/pelvic pain, sports injuries, post surgery rehabilitation, work related injuries, TMJ, orthotics/gait analysis, and auto injuries including head, neck and back pain. Through the use of biofeedback and STS therapy we are able to provide our patients with a better ability to sustain and continue to have a productive, happy lifestyle.
License(s): 114238-2401 UT     Years Open: 1995
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