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John Gerson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist P.C.
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John Gerson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist P.C.

John Gerson
215 Katonah Avenue
Katonah, NY 10536
United States
Phone: 914 232 4702
FAX: 914 232 0257

Issues We Can Address in Couples Therapy

Do you feel frustrated that your partner doesn't listen to you? 

Is your partner inattentive or lacking in empathy? 

Does your relationship leave you lonely or feeling unimportant?

Does your partner not share his/her feelings or seem to hold back?

Is sex a problem in your relationship?

Are you denied a front-row seat to your partner's emotional workings and not allowed to get as close as you want to?

Is your partner needy, demanding, blaming or quick to say you're wrong?

Does your partner say that you are hostile, passive aggressive, uninterested, or too needy?

Do you feel guilty, angry, like running away, cold, or even numb?

Are family or work obligations taking too much emotional energy from your relationship?

It's not unusual to feel you're working hard, taking an interest in your partner's world, but still not getting the connection you wanted. By way of protecting yourself, you may think of living more independently from your partner, perhaps building strong connections with other people, activities, and interests. Underlying all of this may be the awareness that your primary relationship doesn't feel like it's working.

Even if you've tried everything you can think of and it hasn't worked, there's hope. 

Couples counseling works

Should You Stay Together For The Kids?

The answer seems to depend upon the level of conflict in the marriage. Check out this video for an interesting perspective on this subject.

License(s): Psychologist, New York # 013534      Years Open: 1981
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