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Dr. Charmaine L. Tu
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Dr. Charmaine L. Tu

Dr. Charmaine L. Tu
5050 El Camino Real
Suite # 115
Los Altos, CA 94022
United States
Phone: (650) 787-5570
Dr. Charmaine Tu is a chiropractic physician in Los Altos.  Dr. Tu has been in practice for 11 plus years.  She has worked extensively with athletes, including professional golfers, olympic-bound track athletes, basketball players, and IronMan triathletes.  She also offers counseling in the areas of nutrition, stress management, diet, and exercise.  Dr. Tu is an avid athlete herself and understands the biomechanicx involved in delivering an efficinent stroke thru the water and a solid drive off the tee.
License(s): DC28749 CA     Years Open: 2004
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