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Blue Heron Wisdom
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Blue Heron Wisdom

Laura Longley (Allan)
3213 W. Wheeler St., Suite 42
Seattle, WA 98199
United States
Phone: 206-999-1192

Counseling, coaching or therapy is a way to use your past as a source of strength for your future; to evolve and grow into the best version of yourself. This process will lead you to the happy and healthy life that you deserve. Congratulations on taking the first step towards living an intentional and fulfilling life!

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Professional Coach and Psychotherapist, I can help you identify possibilities, find solutions, develop new skills, and deepen your connection to yourself and others. As a result, you will experience personal growth, self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Allow me to help you:

  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Learn effective communication and coping skills
  • Enhance your capacity to respond rather than react to the experiences of life
  • Discover and act on your life's passion and purpose
  • Identify goals and chart the steps required to reach them

Counseling, coaching and therapy can also offer an opportunity to learn new behaviors, find your inner strength, and begin achieving your goals. It's time to enhance the quality of your life!

License(s): LMHC     Years Open: 2009
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