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Drs. Flagler, Lila & Samuel, NMD, DHANP

Drs. Flagler, Lila & Samuel, NMD, DHANP

Partners in Holistic Health, Inc.
6737 East Camino Principal, #C
Tucson, AZ 85715
United States
Phone: (520) 721-8821
We treat patients of all ages and with all conditions, for acute and chronic health concerns.  We specialize in energy medicine, as this offers the deepest and longest lasting results.  By understanding the core issues, the deepest sensations of our patients, we can give the most individualized care.

Classical Homeopathy, Japanese Acupuncture, Graduates of NCNM, in '81/'83.

Our office is child friendly, easy to find, and offers individualized care.
License(s): NMD.CCH.DHANP     Years Open: 1983
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