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Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center
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Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

Dr. Roland Reeves, MD, FACS, ABAM
4635 Gulfstarr Drive
Suite #270
Destin, FL 32541
United States
Phone: (850) 637-8787
FAX: (850) 837-4352
Destin Recovery is part of the South Walton Medical Group.  In addition to our Addiction Recovery programs, we are a full service medical office providing professional counseling and cognitive testing services.  We are able to provide professional treatment of co-ocurring problems like depression anxiety, and bi-polar disorders.  We believe firmly in treating all aspects of an addict or alcoholics health and well-being.

Lon-term drug rehab programs can last up to 4 months or longer, depending on the depth and severity of the individual's addiction.  Additionally, it has been proven that the long-term program is more effective and successful that other forms of addiction rehab.  There are psychological as well as physical dependencies that need to be dealt with so the client is usually taught specific behavioral and social skills that will help them deal with the pressures and stress of everyday life once they return home.

License(s): ME67749 FL     Years Open: 2002
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