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Brooklyn Acupuncture
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Brooklyn Acupuncture

Billy Villano M.S., L.AC.
641 President Street
Suite #204
Brooklyn, NY 11215
United States
Phone: (718) 230-0583
There is a Chinese saying, "without free flow, there is pain: with free flow, there is no pain."  From a Western Medical stand point, recent studies have provided a clearer understanding of how acupuncture provides an analgesic effect.  Acupuncture increases the brains secretions of endorphins, the body's naturally occurring anti-pain chemical, and also increases the amount of other Neurochemicals involved in pain transmission including sertoonin and norepinephrine.  Acupuncture also increase the body's white blood cell count.
License(s): 002271 NY     Years Open: 1999
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