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Fruhauf Chiropractic Clinic

Fruhauf Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. David A Fruhauf
350 S. Schmale road
Carol Stream, IL 60188
United States
Phone: 630-871-0879
FAX: 630-871-0899

The Patient is the most important key to their health.  The patient needs to understand that they need to work with the doctor to return to optimal health; the doctor can't do it alone.  Here at the clinic we use a wide variety to techniques to help the patient in every way possible.  Adjusting is not the only answer.  A lot of the times the patient may need Physical rehab to help for a physical problem to actually help heal it; correct biomechanics do wonders for the body.  Nutrition also is another key factor, and a lot of times people do not know what they are doing to themselves with our modern diet.  Here at the clinic you are treated as a person with your health as our major concern, not a number.  So in our clinic we do what needs to be done, and that may be different with each visit; and with each patient.  If you have any questions please contact me by email. Thank you  

Doctor's Education:

Dr. Fruhauf

Graduated from National college of Chiropractic  in Aug. 2003. Also attended: College of Dupage, Additional degrees: Bachelors of Human Biology, Associate of Applied Sciences, Associate of Sciences, Associate of Applied Arts. Mc Kenzie certified for part A, B and C; soon to complete part D.. Currently finishing diplomat for Functional rehab specialist. Certified in Acupuncture.

Dr. Derek Simpson

Graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Aug 2010, Currently finishing second Doctorate in Naturopathy.  Dr. Derek is also a Applied Kinesiology practioner.  His primary focus is internal health.

License(s): 038.010042     Years Open: 7
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