Asking the right questions is important when you call a new healthcare professional for information, you have the right to receive clear and complete answers. Before you make any decisions, ask questions and get the information you need.
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Synergy Physical Therapy and Yoga, Inc is a full service outpatient physical therapy clinic that offers yoga classes to the public. We are located on Frontage Road (between Lewis Ridge Road and Stagecoach Boulevard) at the Center at Evergreen in the beautiful town of Evergreen, CO. We are in the building adjacent to the US Bank building just off of the Hwy 74. We accept a comprehensive list of insurance plans in addition to Workman's Compensation. If you are not in our insurance network, we will work with you to devise an affordable payment option.
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Fair Oaks
At Human Reconstruction, we are committed to optimizing health, preventing and treating disease through positive doctor patient relationships in a supportive and educational environment. Our approach focuses on finding the cause of disease, and treating it naturally. By employing scientific diagnostic methods to discover the cause of your disease, or imbalance, we are then able to address that cause directly, which leads to true healing. When you practice preventative medicine, it is important to recognize a trend, and make lifestyle changes in order to keep one from progressing to disease. We can help. We start with a clinical consult, including a complete health history, and necessary physical exams. From that information, we compile a list of laboratory testing. After all information has been gathered, we look at the clinical picture and develop a personalized comprehensive health plan and treatment protocol. We educate the patient about all options, so they may make informed decisions, and choose their path to health.
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Power of Life clients come from all walks of life and all age groups. They all desire healthy, balanced lives and recognize the value of working with trained professionals to establish, regain, and/or maintain a lifestyle of health and wellness.
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Biological Dentistry
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When you bring your family to Michael A. Blum D.D.S., our experienced and gentle dentist, and his staff will make sure you leave our office with a bright and healthy smile. We also provide pediatric dentistry services, which means that alleviating your childs dental anxiety is our top priority. From general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry such as Invisalign and Veneers, Dr. Blum makes sure that your teeth stay looking their very best.
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We operate a family oriented wellness and prevention based chiropractic clinic. Helping you reach your optimal health potential is our goal. We recognize the importance of personalized care. Therefore, our patient's are not rushed through and they receive the doctor's undivided attention during their appointments. We strive to provide quality time and quality care!
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Fall River
Are you suffering from back pain? Have you recently been in a car accident? At All American Chiropractic Center, Dr. Boris Djerassi, a former US Olympic athlete, has over 17 years of experience providing one-on-one pain relief and chiropractic care in Fall River. Personal injury chiropractic care is our specialty.
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Falls Church
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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are great ways to naturally restore the body's balance. Our bodies are designed to live for over a hundred years. Acupuncture can remind your body how it is supposed to function. It relaxes and rejuvenates by stimulating the release of endorphins and dopamine. These brain chemicals relax, rejuvenate, and renew the whole body. Treatments can be performed to target specific areas. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs at the time of treatment. Pain and Stress Management Whole Body Relaxation Facial Rejuvenation Call me Today! (703) 395-6754
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At Carolina Family Chiropractic our mission is to offer safe, effective, and affordable chiropractic care to everyone who seeks it. We realize the hazard that Vertebral Subluxation causes in limiting our quality of life and decreasing our potential to have true wellness. We believe everyone deserves a healthy life, free of Vertebral Subluxation, from the time we are born throughout our entire life.
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