Asking the right questions is important when you call a new healthcare professional for information, you have the right to receive clear and complete answers. Before you make any decisions, ask questions and get the information you need.
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I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years. A California and Florida graduate. I have specialized in pain and injury therapy. An eternal quest for knowledge inspires me to learn and use the most effective healing therapies and techniques available. Providing the very best and innovative service possible. All methods of massage help us live a more healthy and balanced life. Plus, the recipient of a massage is left with an extraordinary sense of well being.
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Home Functional Medicine About Us Facebook eBooks YouTube Blog Store Contact Us/Meetup Bill Bergman, M.D. and Associates Healthy people, healthy community A consultation in Functional Medicine begins with a comprehensive review of your past and current medical history to clarify underlying factors that are contributing to current health challenges. A consultation continues with leading edge laboratory testing to assess the health of the gut, the presence of hidden infections, the immune system and metabolic function. Once the hidden causes of stress and disease are illuminated, a personalized program is provided with periodic follow-up visits to monitor your progress. The program also includes health and lifestyle coaching and scientifically-proven advanced stress relief.
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Dr. Nancy Denlinger is the chiropractor at the Nappanee Spinal Adjusting Center. She is the person who will help you with your spinal health care. The practice is in a relaxed setting and offers both acute and wellness care at an affordable price for all members of your family.
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Nashua Acupuncture was created to revitalize patients ability to heal by guiding, teaching, and assisting the community with their health concerns. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a patient-centered approach that uses natural means to restore and optimize health. I am excited to offer state of the art care to the community with services that include: Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Nutritional Counseling Lifestyle Counseling
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The human body is an ever changing organism and like your dentist, we do recommend you come in for maintenance and supportive check ups after we have corrected your condition. After all, You can replace your teeth in your mouth, but you cant replace your spine. Most people find that their time and money was well spent when they follow this advice, as well as home our instructions. I look forward to meeting you and your family and playing an integral part in the complete restoration of your health, without drugs-without surgery. Yours in Health, Dr. Casey Bearden 615-356-4656
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If the nervous system is impaired, it can cause malfunction of the tissues and organs throughout the body. Doctors of Chiropractic call this the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. The Chiropractic adjustment has been proven to increase motion, increase circulation, reduce swelling and pain, and remove nervous irritation. Once this nervous irritation is removed, your body is able to do what it is designed to do - heal itself.
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New York City
Lamb Chiropractic Find-a-Therapist Verified
No matter what state your health is in, chiropractic care offers improved health for your body. The chiropractic concept is simple, yet unique. Chiropractic focuses on the body's ability to heal itself. The natural harmony of bodily functions is what makes the science of chiropractic work. Chiropractic care is a natural form of health care, aligning with natural processes of the body and offering lasting results without the risk of dangerous side effects. It simply improves the flow of nerve impulses, thus helping to maximize performance. Chiropractic care is a sensible solution to body wellness and health.
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New Albany
Elite Dental Find-a-Therapist Verified
The Elite Experience begins with an in-depth evaluation of each patients individual dental needs, preferences and expectations. Gaining this thorough understanding allows us to then recommend the right procedure, or develop a customized treatment plan, to address each patients specific conditions and personal priorities. Our unique approach originates from the belief that when patients are properly educated and relaxed, they are less apprehensive about and more receptive to dental care. To compliment this, Elite Dental provides unexpected amenities and spalike surroundings to infuse patients with a sense of relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.
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New Braunfels
Perry Chiropractic Clinic was founded in 1991. We offer skilled chiropractic care, specializing in treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Over the past 21 years, we have successfully treated literally thousands of patients for conditions such as headaches, neck and back pain, nerve pain in the arms and legs, herniated discs, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. We are successful because we care about your health and we are good at what we do.
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New Canaan
Philip Physical Therapy, LLC Find-a-Therapist Verified
Physical Therapist
The evaluation and treatment techniques utilized at Philip Physical Therapy are comprehensive and multifaceted. It is through a thorough evaluation process that involves the various musculoskeletal, neurological, visceral, lymphatic and osteological systems that we create a unique treatment protocol that will ensure the maximal restoration of wellness, comfort and return to life's wonderful adventure.
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