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Over the last 15 years I have focused on helping people change their lives through the complete use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In utilizing this complete form of medicine I am able to uncover the root causes of disease. I strive to help my patients find dietary, exercise, and treatment based solutions for their illness. I have studied extensively in the areas of women's health, fertility, and chronic pain. I work with professional athletes and people with minor to complex orthopedic complaints. My true passion is helping an individual achieve their goals by utilizing the gifts of Chinese Medicine.
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Do you wonder if you and your partner are growing apart? Do you keep having the same argument, without anything changing? Do you feel like giving up? Sometimes the feelings that bring couples together get lost in the struggles of everyday life. Learn how to resolve conflicts and share feelings without arguing. Use conflict to create deeper intimacy instead of distance. Relationship counseling helps couples learn to grow together instead of drifting apart. I work with couples and individuals to help them grow together and stay together. I would like to help you and your partner have a loving relationship.
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Vermillion Chiropractor Dr. Paul Robb moved to Vermillion where he began college at the University of SD. In 2000 he began practice here in Vermillion. Come and visit our web page for more information and to start your treatment. Call (605) 624-9101.
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Our mission is to help as many people as possible and to educate hem so that they in turn can educate others about the benefits of Alternative Medicine.
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The paradigm of my work is based on my philosophy that Every Body Works! We all have the capacity to heal as long as we listen to our inner wisdom and then have the courage to follow what we hear. My practice is primarily based in the Kripalu Bodywork tradition. It is customized intuitive massage with a meditative focus, which utilizes a variety of massage modalitites designed to enhance the integration of your body, mind and spirit.
Virginia Beach
At Vanella Chiropractic we believe your wellness is determined by your physical, nutritional, and nervous system health. We understand that every person is unique and our experienced and dedicated staff of professionals will give you individualized, personal care, tailored to meet your needs.At Vanella Chiropractic we provide quality care for patients in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headache, sciatica or have been in a car accident,
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Chiropractic is a natural and complementary form of health care that specializes in musculoskeletal health. By safely adjusting and mobilizing joints that are fixated or misaligned, we help to keep your body pain-free and moving the way it wants to!
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Our staff provides the highest quality of care in a manner that we would expect to receive it. Youll find a complete range of dental procedures at our office to meet all of your needs and we use the finest equipment for easier appointments and lasting results. In practice since 1971, our doctor believes in continuing education to provide you with the most up-to-date procedures possible.
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Services: Our services include the consultation, the adjustment (manual or activator) and the therapy you would need. A chiropractic adjustment typically involves: A high velocity, short lever arm thrust applied to a vertebra An accompanying, audible release of gas (joint cavitation) that is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which releases joint pressure (cavitation) A relieving sensation most of the time, although minor discomfort has been reported (that usually lasts for a short time duration) if the surrounding muscles are in spasm or the patient tenses up during this chiropractic care.

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