Asking the right questions is important when you call a new healthcare professional for information, you have the right to receive clear and complete answers. Before you make any decisions, ask questions and get the information you need.
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Massage Therapist
I enjoy working with clients suffering from a troubling muscular condition that is preventing them from living the full life they want to enjoy. I use a variety of techniques such as trigger point therapy, clinical aromatherapy, deep tissue and sports massage. Visit my website to learn more about me and for online scheduling. Online scheduling available through the website. Gift certificates available, elegantly created in any denomination available through the website using PayPal.
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Massage Therapist
Would you like to melt your stress away? Do you want to relieve chronic pain or discomfort from injury? Do you want to boost your immune system, mood and general well-being? Increase muscle tone, reduce excess tension and improve athletic performance? Do you just need a temporary vacation from the stress of day to day life?
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Southwest Sober Living is a recovery retreat for men tucked away in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona. Southwest Sober Living offers a safe and structured environment that facilitates an ongoing and successful recovery for its residents. We offer a supportive setting for men who are exiting primary care, residential, and extended care programs. We work closely with programs such as Sierra Tucson, Cottonwood Tucson, Hazelden, Back2Basics, Cirque Lodge, The Betty Ford Center, The Caron Center, and The Meadows. Transitioning from a 12-step program to mainstream society is not without its challenges. Southwest Sober Living provides a supportive space that allows residents to continue focusing on recovery as they make steps back into everyday life. In addition to working hand-in-hand with local partners and treatment centers, Southwest Sober Living guides those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction through a program to develop the confidence, personal growth and professional skills needed for their new life and a successful sober future.
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A day will come when the majority of physicians will utilize the safest and most effective treatments available, whether they be herb, vitamin or drug. I combine the best research supported Natural therapies from Nutritional, Botanical, Homeopathic and when required, incorporate conventional medications - often in safer, innovative forms. Perhaps more importantly I find it essential to listen and understand my patients and their health concerns. I believe true complementary medicine contains these elements. -- Michael Uzick, N.M.D., FABNO
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There are hundreds of conditions, disorders and diseases Acupuncture can alleviate. Acupuncture treatments are tailored to the individual and the number of treatments needed to alleviate a condition varies as well. The Acupuncturist at Wellspring Acupuncture will determine if treatment is right for you.
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Barton Acupuncture Find-a-Therapist Verified
Nancy is a nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist, with more than 25 years experience as a Registered Nurse and professional body therapist (trained in Massage, Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy). She has helped many clients who have suffered from headaches , poor sleep, fatigue, back pain, depression, anxiety, and has successfully treated women with difficult menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes.
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NatureMedica Find-a-Therapist Verified
Naturopathic physicians use many of the same conventional methods of diagnosis used by other doctors, including but not limited to: blood tests, urinalysis, physical exam, x-ray and ultrasound. They may additionally do saliva, blood or urine testing for assessing neurotransmitter levels, toxic metal analysis, food allergy testing and specialized stool testing, to name a few. More importantly, a naturopathic physician gathers information by active listening.
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I am a "whole foods nutritionist" with 32 years of experience in my field. I design specialized mealplans and make lifestyle suggestions to help you reach your goals for improved health and appearance, and increased energy and vitality. With my unique support, you can transform your body and your mind! I will design a plan for you that will be easy to follow, and help you change the way you eat for life. My program consists of a balance of education, personalized written recommendations, guidance and emotional support. I will include a trip to the grocery store and food preparation ideas if needed. Allow me to be your guiding light on your road to better health! You can feel better, look better, and even improve your immune system. To begin your new jouney of excellent health, more joy and confidence, give me a call today!
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We treat patients of all ages and with all conditions, for acute and chronic health concerns. We specialize in energy medicine, as this offers the deepest and longest lasting results. By understanding the core issues, the deepest sensations of our patients, we can give the most individualized care. Classical Homeopathy. Japanese Acupuncture. Graduates of NCNM, in '81/'83. Our office is child friendly, easy to find, and offers individualized care.
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If your'e dealing with an injury, trying to manage pain, or just want to come in for a check-up and routine correction, we can provide the chiropractic care your'e looking for. We welcome patients of all ages, and if your'e new to chiropractic, wed love to give you a free consultation and explain how it works.
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