Asking the right questions is important when you call a new healthcare professional for information, you have the right to receive clear and complete answers. Before you make any decisions, ask questions and get the information you need.
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Massage Therapist
After working many years in Corporate America, I understand the true meaning of stress. My goal is to help you "unplug" from our ever-connected society long enough to get the much needed relaxation that we all owe to ourselves. My studio is located in the Historic Stutz Business Center at the corner of 11th St. and Capitol Ave. This is a convenient downtown Indianapolis location where you can still find peace and quiet. I customize each massage based upon your needs, from relaxation to muscle strain or pain management.
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OHA (Organic Health Alliance) and TOI (Thermography of Indianapolis) are holistic healthcare practices founded on the intuitive, time-honored naturopathic principle that supporting your body's natural healing ability is the best way to maintain the healthy balance that is the natural state of every body.
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Dr. Sang Kwon is a different kind of dentist. He strives to provide you and your family with the best dental experience possible. Sure he delivers smiles. But equally as important to him is that you have been cared for and listened to while making us your dental home
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As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and a Registered Yoga Teacher, Melanie MacLaren strives to make lives healthier and more fulfilling by using the full-circle, holistic approach to healing. Through the use of naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, therapeutic yoga, breath work and aromatherapy, you will find well-being. Contact Dr. MacLaren at 317-344-9840 to schedule your appointment and be on your way to relief and healing.
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Essence of China Acupuncture and Herb Clinic is an all-natural holistic clinic, which guides and reinforces patients to use their energy to "heal themselves". Patients will feel the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have acupuncture clinics in Indianapolis, Muncie and Avon.
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Qi Points Acupuncture Find-a-Therapist Verified
Inner Balance is a therapeutic boutique spa that offers acupuncture and massage as well as spa, body and cosmetic treatments. We combine art + science to create a unique experience that is carefully catered to your specific needs. Our treatments mix both Eastern and Western practices to promote wellness, encourage self-care and support your search for inner balance.
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I am proficient in many modalities such as Myofascial Release treatments, Cranial Sacral therapy, Trigger Point therapy, Energy therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage. I see myself as a facilitator for the body as it goes though it own healing process.We are committed to delivering quality therapeutic services, tailored to helping you achieve your personal health and wellness goals.
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What if you actually liked going to the dentist? Come in to experience a full service dental home that is designed with the comfort and satisfaction of our patients in mind. Here we pride ourselves in making your experience enjoyable and comfortable while providing you with outstanding service. Unlike dental clinics that schedule patients tightly, we allow extra time to provide our guests with a more relaxing visit, and quality attention to deliver outstanding dentistry.
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